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Indigo Monkeys soft soft hand dyed cotton


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Here we have three lovely individual monkeys, they all pop out of their banana house and love to play for hours and when they are tired there is enough room for them all to snuggle down in their banana home and they can be zipped in for extra comfort.
Each tiny monkey is a different colour from his/her friends and each is made out of top quality cotton fabric as is the banana purse (which is lined)
The lovely hand made toy can be enjoyed by all ages but I wouldn't recommend giving it to an under 3 as the little monkeys if popped into youngsters mouths could represent a choking hazard.
This glorious toy is a wonderful gift for a fidget bottoms......................think weddings, long journeys, boring appointments. Small enough to be popped into a pocket for much role playing ,story telling and merriment all round.

H 8cm, L 20cm, W 6cm