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A carrot purse bursting with three multicultural bunnies


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Here we have three cute rabbits living in a carrot house.
All come out to play, hours of fun, and can be popped back in and will snuggle down to sleep soundly, safely secured with a good quality zip.
The carrot and bunnies are all made from top notch cotton and each item is extremely well made and even the carrot is lined, giving the bunnies extra comfort.
Each little bunny has an embroidered face all three of which are slightly different.
This is a lovely handmade item (my very very best seller) enjoyment for all ages but I wouldn't chance it with an under 3 year old, as little fingers could over time deconstruct the poor  bunnies and the heads could become a choking hazard.
In years to come when all the charming bunnies have been misplaced or misappropriated the carrot house could and should become an interesting coin purse.

the multicultural bunnies used to be white beige and grey and then they became white beige and chocolate. All the carrots are made in Thailand and the colours seem to alter willy Nilly so you may get a chocolate bunny and you may get a grey bunny.
sometimes the chocolate bunny is light and sometimes it is dark, same with the grey , sometimes the grey is light and sometimes the grey is dark............whilst we are on this subject and I am very sorry if the bunnies are not exactly as you expected but the beige is sometimes beige and sometimes a yellowed beige. However the bunnies are all smiling and excited for their forever homes xxxxxx

H 8cm, L 20cm, W 6cm

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So pleased with the bunnies

I bought these bunnies in a carrot for my great niece as her mummy is pregnant and it will be a gift for her as the ‘big sister’ when the baby arrives. I’m sure that she will love them, to be honest I’d quite like to keep them myself haha and I’m nearly sixty, they are so adorable and very well made. Good service arrived quickly, would recommend as a bit of an unusual gift.