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I was invited to a wedding some 15 years ago in Thailand.
We went for 3 weeks and it DID very much change my life but more about that another day.
I took my four youngest children and we flew into the relatively unknown.
In brief we had two weeks of unbelievable wedding celebrations with 80 people from 19 different countries.

The third week we travelled north to Chiang Mai where I met Niluborn who had a small stall at a market and in those days she made everything she sold herself.


The Bunnies in the Carrot and 3 Monkeys and 3 Elephants, Cat and Bunny purses were already being made and can be bought elsewhere.

Unique to us is the ‘Mother Tortoise with her 3 Triplet Babies’, the Pig ,Bear ,Dog ,Frog and Unicorn animal purses.

And more recently the Indigo Monkeys and Indigo Bunnies and our ‘superior range ‘all made with the softest cotton , all hand dyed and rather lovely.
Oh and the Sponge Bag/Pencil Case that’s been highly thought of.

Niluborn now uses family and friends to help her make the ‘Pocket Pets’ as we have grown together.

Old Wooden Lady Makers

I travel out 3 or 4 times a year and we try and design new products together, we are designing an apple with three pigs in it, the apple is nearly right but the tiny pigs need work.

The markets in Thailand are open but there are no tourists to buy anything, so no tourists no sales.

Since 2021 we have given our customers the option to donate a small amount to our makers with each purchase. Since then we've sent over £380 to Thailand.

Families however stick together and help each other, many Thais have up sticks from the cities and gone home to family in the country and are living off the land and of course making what they can.


Thank you in advance



(The Old Wooden Lady)