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20 eco friendly Sar paper fairy light shades. Hand painted. *Our very FAVOURITE item*


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Gorgeous little fairy light shades, 2 x Reindeer, 2 x Santa hat, 2 x Christmas tree,  2 x star, 2 x stocking, 2 x Angel, 2 x candy cane, 2 x Father Christmas, and 2 x Ding Dong bells.

Sar paper is hand made from recycled cotton fabric. 100% natural. No trees chopped down and no wildlife disturbed.

100% wood free making it "The paper of choice for artists world wide"

                                        FASHIONABLE and CLASSY

Each shade can be hung over a fairy light, by its neat little metal hook, or just hung up on string on the wall, fireplace or window. Could even be popped onto the tree


***included until they run out ( a set of 20 fairy lights)

Have other non Christmas varieties of fairy light shades, just contact me for details.

Each shade approx: H 8cm, L 5cm, W 3cm