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Painted Wooden Horse on wheels finished to a very high standard.


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Giddy ups, beautiful hand made wooden horses on wheels. Cleverly copied just for me from MY OWN Georgian one, I fell in love with my own giddy up years ago and paid an absolute fortune for him. Now he has many friends around the globe and this is definitely  my most popular item and has been featured in The Country Living Magazine on the Apprentice, Lorraine and many other magazines. Tons and tons of Christmas window displays centre around my lovely little horses, always fill me full of joy when I see one. Or get pictures. Please please send me pictures if you see one.

These very beautiful horses are hand made and then painted in three separate colours, white something pale and then the top cover. Rubbed back and then waxed. The finished item is just lovely, you will not fail to love your horse.

We take the wheels off for posting.

H 52cm, L 45cm, W 21cm